"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man"
Sir Winston Churchill

O Cinza

27''x 35'' (framed)
Currently for Sale


27'' x 27'' (framed


27''x 35'' (framed)
Currently for Sale


Nicola exhibits two to three times a year in Norfolk and Suffolk galleries, and sometimes further afield with the Society of Equestrian Artists. 

O Escuro

27"x 35'' (framed)

Hettie and Ted

Oil on Canvas commission


35"x 27" pastel 
Currently for Sale 


Pastel commission

Extra Large Pastel Pieces

Nicola is currently working on some extra large pastel pieces, using a full sheet of Pastelmat card. These powerful yet intricately detailed paintings measuring 27'' x 35''(framed) make a stunning statement piece.

About Nicola

Nicola is a professional artist from South Norfolk. 
Well known for her dramatic yet intricately detailed pastel paintings she shows her comprehension and mastery of the equine form. Nicola also paints in oils in a more traditional way, loving to portray hunting scenes which show her love of colour and drama.

Nicola's knowledge and understanding comes from her lifelong love of horses and she counts herself extremely lucky to have owned a few horses and ponies throughout her life. In fact her studio is in a converted stable block which used to house her horses not so very long ago.
Whilst horses remain her absolute passion, she also loves to paint dogs, fulfilling many commissions, and the odd landscape has found its way onto her easel too!
She is a member of The Society Of Equestrian Artists and has exhibited at Sally Mitchell's Gallery in Nottinghamshire and with the Norfolk and Norwich Art Circle where she is a member. She has just completed a very successful month at The Bell Gallery in Bungay, Suffolk.


 Nicola has always had a natural affinity with horses, and having been brought up in a tiny Norfolk village, surrounded by beautiful countryside and plenty of animals she started drawing and painting at an early age. She has been lucky to have had a few horses and ponies and so is familiar with their temperament and conformation. This shows in her portrayal of these fabulous beasts in her intimate pastel paintings. She sat on her first pony at two years old and from that moment her complete and utter obsession began. "There is nothing like burying one's head in a horse's neck and breathing that familiar smell to make all things right in the world."


Generally working from photographs which she likes to take herself, Nicola will work in oils or pastels to the owner's preference. She likes to meet her subjects first so as to be able to familiarise herself with their temperament. On occasions where it is not possible to meet her subject she likes to speak at length to the owners to gain some knowledge of their special friend, again to learn about their character.

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